We Care For You

Group / Centre Activities

Harmony Recruitment Agency has a range of activities and programs aimed to assist participants lead a full and happy life. Social inclusion and interaction programs are specially designed to meet an individual’s need and to assist them in finding their “special place” in life, where they feel valued and comfortable within their surroundings.

We have Centre-based Activities and Groups to promote socialisation. These Centre-based Activities are facilitated by support workers and has self-directed skill building activities. We encourage participants to engage in activities independent and/or participate in workshops/group activities.

Our Centre-based Activities and Groups have:

  • Arts and Crafts Activities
  • Music
  • Games
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Kitchen and cooking skills classes
  • And more


Discussing your NDIS needs

Harmony Recruitment provides an obligation-free consultation in the comfort of your own home, with the purpose of listening and understanding your needs. We’ll give you the best choices for your needed support which you can freely explore, choose and control.

Why Choose us?

We Focus On Your Health

Registered NDIS Provider

Ease of contact and support with 24-hour service.

Experienced and leading provider of DISABILITY services

Holistic approach to care giving

High quality experience



Being a disability service provider, our core values are to respect our client with their choice and control. We understand the importance of work diversity and hence value every person.


Privacy & Confidential

Privacy is the most important factor for us. We believe all people are entitled to the benefits of citizenship within our society and we maintain their confidentiality



We listen and respect. We are supportive and understanding within our work team and towards the people we provide services to.



We do what we promised. We work to get that positive changes in our participant's life.



Our team comprise of youths with an enthusiasm to help people with disability. We believe in achieving our goals by working with full spirit.