Personalised support to help you live your best life
Personalised support to help you live your best life
About Harmony Recruitment Agency

Heart of focus care

We are a registered NDIS provider, who supports people with permanent disability, their families, and carers. Harmony Home & Disability Care is an established dynamic and flourishing provider managed by experienced and committed team of professionals who have worked in Disability and community related services.

Harmony Recruitment Agency comes with a great team of expertise who have great passion and well trained in providing services to our esteemed NDIS clients in accordance to NDIS standards. We focusses on promoting safety of our clients and increase customer satisfaction.

We Care You

A world where everyone is treated as individuals and with respect.

We have built strong partnerships with top-notch organizations to cater to all your needs. We put your preferences and choices at the center of our services to plan and execute based on your daily individual needs. Our professionals are trained and empathetic and treat every individual with respect.

Our long-term goal is to create an organization that focuses on diversity. Creating an organization that supports people of different backgrounds to reach their full potential, respects and considers individual feelings and engages with you to provide you with responsive and culturally sensitive support.

Our Mission

To provide quality support and care to all our clients to empower them with opportunities and support to achieve their goals, regardless of their identity, race and sexuality. Harmony recruitment agency is always willing to support you by linking our clients to different support services.

Our Vision

Working together to achieve your goals while creating positive experiences.

Our Values

Privacy & Confidentiality

Why Choose us?

We Focus On Your Health

Registered NDIS Provider

Ease of contact and support with 24-hour service.

Experienced and leading provider of DISABILITY services

Holistic approach to care giving

High quality experience



Being a disability service provider, our core values are to respect our client with their choice and control. We understand the importance of work diversity and hence value every person.


Privacy & Confidential

Privacy is the most important factor for us. We believe all people are entitled to the benefits of citizenship within our society and we maintain their confidentiality



We listen and respect. We are supportive and understanding within our work team and towards the people we provide services to.



We do what we promised. We work to get that positive changes in our participant's life.



Our team comprise of youths with an enthusiasm to help people with disability. We believe in achieving our goals by working with full spirit.